Gatwick to London

14 April 2014
Gatwick may be London’s second airport, but that doesn’t mean it can’t dream of bigger things, and it looks like change could be in the air, following proposals to expand. The plans have been set out by renowned architect Sir Terry Farrell, who dreams not only of revamping the airport, but of then establishing London as a ‘hub’ of air travel in Britain, akin to New York and Tokyo.

Heathrow to London

14 April 2014
Heathrow Airport is no stranger to congestion – with an average of over 190,000 passengers passing through its doors each day, it’s inevitable that from time to time things get a little busy at Europe’s biggest airport. But recently there was a disruption of a slightly different nature (and species), when an aeroplane carrying a herd of 390 cows was forced to make an emergency landing at the airport, after a fire alarm was set off on the deck where the bovines were being kept.
As house prices continue to rocket in London, more and more of us are choosing to move away from the capital and opt for life elsewhere in the South of England, and one city which is flourishing from this increased attention is Reading.

Located around 40 miles out of London, it is a city with a lot going for it – indeed, a survey conducted last year claimed that Reading is the best place to live in Great Britain, scoring highly for income equality, a good choice of jobs and a good work-life balance. Meanwhile, the Oracle is a large and comprehensive shopping centre around which Reading has built its reputation as an excellent destination for shopping, while the city is on the sporting map because of the Madejski Stadium, home to Championship side Reading FC.
It’s no secret that the world has got a whole lot smaller since the rise of commercial air travel, but it’s also no secret that crossing the globe can put a strain on your bank account, particularly if you’re travelling long haul. That’s why it pays to be smart when you’re planning your flights. It can often be cheaper, and sometimes more flexible and convenient, to look past travelling directly to your destination and stopping off somewhere en route or nearby to change to another flight instead.

And the airports in and around London, as some of the biggest and best-connected in Europe, are the ideal places to try out this approach. London Heathrow saw over 72 million passengers pass through its doors and terminals last year, but not one of them landed or took off from its runways with the principal budget airlines, such as easyJet and Ryanair; these airlines use Gatwick as their main hub for the English capital.
A few years ago it might have seemed ridiculous, but today Southampton is a must-visit for football fans, with the team enjoying one of their best seasons in recent memory. We’re used to reading about the big sides from London, Manchester and Merseyside, but Southampton are staking a claim to get the South Coast on the footballing map of England, and there is no easier way to get yourself there and back again in comfort and style than by using our outstanding 

Southampton taxi to London

The new year is upon us, and everyone has got resolutions to keep, and we’ll bet that a lot of you are looking to be more active. Whether 2014 is the year you plan to reinvent yourself as a fitness freak, or if you just want to lose that Christmas belly, getting out there and getting into shape is a going concern for most of us right now.

But it’s often easier said than done, and the best way to get the results you’re looking for is to make your exercise something you look forward to, not a daily battle to drag yourself to the gym, which may also be a bridge too far in terms of expenditure. For many, these obstacles are overcome by hitting the streets to run or cycle, and the sensation of fresh air and the wind in your hair is sure to make you feel stronger and fitter.

Harwich taxi to London

19 December 2013
Harwich is a port town whose history has been shaped by the sea, playing a key part in the trade and military heritage of the east coast ever since springing up more than 900 years ago, and the magnificent  

Harwich taxi to London

  service we provide means that this picturesque Essex town is never too far away. 

Sitting comfortably in the estuary of the River Orwell and the River Stour, Harwich quickly established itself as a hub of trade and industry, its port providing the only safe anchorage between the River Thames and the River Humber. As international trade blossomed throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, the port’s famous slogan – ‘Harwich for the continent’ – captured the nation’s imagination.
We’ve all seen the film, we all remember that iconic scene with Leonardo Di Caprio and Kate Winslett, and of course who could forget Celine Dion crooning her way through ‘My Heart Will Go On’? But there is a lot more to the story of the Titanic than James Cameron’s box-office sensation, and our renowned  

Southampton taxi to London

  service will take you as close as you can get to the great ship’s spiritual resting place in Southampton, the port where it began its first and last commercial voyage.

Built in Belfast, the fated vessel was the finest ship the world had ever seen, with first-class tickets costing more than £30,000 in today’s money. It took to the seas from Southampton’s White Star Dock on 10th April 1912, and five days later struck an iceberg and sank, a disaster that sent shockwaves around the world. Nowhere was the tragedy more closely felt than in Southampton – most of the crew on board the ship were from the coastal city, and over 500 Southampton households lost at least one member. The Titanic catastrophe had a huge impact on the city, and its legacy is still visible today.
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